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You may have noticed we didn’t have elections within the Parish this year this was due to only four candidates standing which resulted in them automatically being elected. The Parish Council now has four vacancies to fill.

We are now looking for enthusiastic team players who can work within a structured environment to help bring the council’s exciting plans to fruition, conjure ideas to improve local life and help bring positive changes whilst building a resilient community.
How much time you spend on your duties as a councillor is largely up to you and will depend on the particular commitments you take on. Your role within the council will determine how much time you spend on council duties. Joining a planning committee, for example, will increase your workload. You will be expected to attend some council committee meetings, which are often held in the evening so that councillors can attend after work. As with most things in life, what you get back will depend on how much you put in. But remember, the amount of time you give to it is almost entirely up to you.

Selection will be done by co-option, rather than election. In effect, this means that the current councillors choose the new councillors.

What we need now are candidates for the role!

There is a wide ranging and hugely informative website which gives a good insight into the role of a parish councillor and the remit within which councils and councillors must operate.

Parish and town councils

Please consider this role – as long as you are over 18, you should fit the bill. The eligibility criteria and application forms are below:

Co-option app

May 10th, 2019