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Work by Herts CC in Long Marston Recreation Ground in July/August 2019 to establish permeability of sub soil ground
Hertfordshire County Council, as part of their investigations in to the possible solutions to mitigate future flooding in Long Marston, are going to undertake an investigation into the permeability of the ground under Long Marston Recreation ground.
During excessive rain periods water from land to the North and Northeast of the Recreation ground flows into the ditch which runs round the edge of the Recreation ground. This leads to a substantial amount of the rain water coming into the Tring Bourne river which is flowing to the South of Station Road. On occasions this will create a flood potential as the Tring Bourne river has to cope with water from the recreation ground and the land to the West of Long Marston
If the permeability tests prove that the ground allows water to drain into the Aquifer then a possible design option is to have holding areas created around the ground to limit the volume of water flowing all at the same time into the Tring Bourne. If the tests prove otherwise, alternative options will be explored.
The Contractor for Hertfordshire CC will be doing the works over one day, planned for 17th July 2019 unless the ground is wet, in which case it will be rescheduled to one day of the week commencing 22nd July 2019.
They will have a small excavator & agricultural bowser plus engineer & machine operator in attendance. Two pits are to be dug, one near the humps past the CAB building and the other to the top of the ground before the picnic area. The pits will be filled with water and the permeability of the sub soil tested. At all times the pits will be fenced and manned. They will be filled in at the end of the day so will not be left open. The two areas will then be left slightly proud of the ground level to allow for settlement. It is intended to allow the grass to grow back naturally over the following weeks
The Contractor will also bore 4 drain plug holes. They will be positioned along the side of the Recreation ground by the ditch on the West side These will be approximately 225mm diameter These will be covered by a lockable drain cover as the holes will need to be inspected over the following period for water levels
All equipment will be delivered in the morning and removed that evening once the work is complete
Should you have any questions then please address them to
During the day the work is carried out please ask the Resident Engineer who will be in attendance

July 11th, 2019