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225 responses were received to the Parish Questionnaire. The Parish Council will now investigate the top issues and develop a plan of action for each issue. We will also use the results of the survey to direct our thinking and decision making.


Top Concerns from Analysis of Parish Survey

  1. Widen the range of events at Village Halls
  2. Create open spaces for older people to enjoy
  3. Reduce litter
  4. Eradicate dog waste on footpaths
  5. Ensure dogs do not harass passers by
  6. Community Shop for Long Marston
  7. Protect and support the village pubs, Village News (and other assets)
  8. Parish Council work with landowners to identify sites for development
  9. Make sure brownfield sites are first choice for development
  10. Ensure adequate parking provisions on all new developments
  11. Create a safe walking route Gubblecote to Long Marston
  12. Create a safe walking route Dixons Gap to Wilstone
  13. Improve road surfaces
  14. Improve pedestrian safety
  15. Ease congestion around the school at key times
  16. Minimise the number of lorries driving through the Parish
  17. Increase availability of parking near one’s home
  18. Introduce more traffic calming
  19. Prevent motorists from using their mobile phones whilst driving
  20. Continue to set aside money for flood prevention across the Parish
  21. Increase efforts to keep ditches and drains free of debris
  22. Create more places for people without transport to meet during the day
  23. Provide more information regarding safety (Neighbourhood Watch / Rural Watch)
  24. Take environmental impact into account in all TRPC decision making
  25. Consider Local History issues in all TRPC decision making
  26. To be notified of events via Email